Our unique advantage is to represent both parties, customers and professional service providers. From the customers' point of view, we locate credible, cost-effective and excellent professional services; from the service providers' perspective, we identify the real specific customers' needs. We build bridges between trusted customers and service providers.

Service Processing Procedure

We welcome both customers and professional service providers to register free accounts. Different service processing path is followed according to different member types:

Service providers can also submit demand matching request and follow the same procedure as customers. After a customer submits demand matching request, XSAGE comprehensively matches and balances the demands and providers based on mutual credit, service region and expertise. After a matching is found successfully, both the customer and all matched service providers obtains the other's profile. They can further communicate directly to discuss and negotiate the details until both parties are satisfied. In the process of interaction, both parties can give evaluation credit to each other and the credit earned will be accumulated and affect for all future services.

All Actions Based on Credit

We build blacklist and whitelist based on credit. A whitelist includes the accounts whose credit are positive, while a blacklist contains all accounts whose credit are negative. We serve whitelisted users and freeze every opportunity for blacklisted users.

Each account's credit consists of two parts, the basic credit and the dynamic assessment of credit. The total amount of credit is involved in matching considerations. Service providers and customers can contact us online to provide a variety of credit certificates, such as credit reports, professional qualifications, and company registered information to obtain the basic credit value. The credit rating obtained after each matching service constitutes a dynamic credit. If the credit sum is positive and the account enters the whitelist; if the credit sum is negative and the account enters the blacklist. We rely on credit strongly and fairly while serving customers and service providers.

Assure the Interests of both Customers and Service Providers from the Third Party

From a customer's standpoint, the best credible excellent professional service is expected; from a service provider's point of view, the real specific customer need is wanted. Only common interests can satisfy both sides and finally reach an agreement. We seriously consider both sides, bridge them to reach deal with the greatest satisfaction.