XSAGE is more open to the world and more closely linked to the mission, committed to providing people with a platform to match, build a reliable bridge between demands and services.

XSAGE Inc, a Canadian-registered company, is the first to build a global, specialized platform for bridging overseas study, immigration, investment, and consumption. Our missions are:

Bridging Demands and Services

Make full use of open Internet network platform to build a reliable bridge between demands and services based on credit rating system.

Specialized Professional Services

Facilitate worldwide Chinese locating the best professional service providers specialized in overseas study, immigration, investment and consumption.

Regulating Bidirectional Credit System

Establish and maintain bidirectional blacklist and whitelist data for customers and service providers to help both sides to maximize the protection of their mutual interests.

Pursuing the Best Cost Effective

Provide the competition opportunities among a few best rated professional service providers and enable customers the best cost-effective services. Simultaneously, help professional service providers to gain market advantage, to achieve the geometric growth.